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    Michelle Perkins, Senior Assistive Technology Specialist & Trainer at New England Low Vision and Blindness recently received a wonderful thank you from someone that she helped through our Training services.

    “Good Morning Everyone,

    I wanted to send a thank you to all of you!  This weekend our son, Sam Borek, got the opportunity to give a TEDx Youth Talk about how his visual impairment does not define him and does not limit him.  It is really thanks to all of you and your organizations that Sam has developed into such a successful and wonderful young man.  Each of you have helped through his development to experience many different aspects of life and how being blind does not impose limits on you.  You have taught him to not be afraid to take a chance and try new things, whether that is skiing backwards or snowboarding or climbing to the top of a pole and jumping off or sled hockey and biathalon.  Each of these experiences have given him great opportunities to learn, grow and become a leader.  A few years ago NEDS presented Sam with an award for breaking boundaries and he continues to follow that path.  He has become a positive role model for other children and was approached by two teachers after his talk to see if he would be willing to come to their school and present to their students as well.  It is your programs that have really helped him become the individual that he is today and you should be very proud.  Below is a link to a video that I took of his TEDx Youth Talk, I hope that you enjoy it!  A special thanks to Joe Walsh for nominating Sam as a speaker!

    Thank you all!

    Warmest Regards,

    Mike and Sarah Borek”


    Congratulations Michelle and thank you!

    NELVB Training Services Testimonial - TEDx Youth Talk Training Care

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