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Tracy Andrews - So Much Pride
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    Tracy Andrews tells about her marathon experience.

    I feel so much pride. Not just for myself but for all humanity.

    When I run the New York City Marathon, I meet and see all kinds of people striving for the same goal.  They are all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, ages and abilities.  Some are slim, fast and what you would think a typical marathoner would look like.  Then I look right around me and I see a 70 year old woman guiding her friend 20 years younger who just suffered a concussion three months ago.  I see a much heavier man then me with a huge smile on his face running his 15th marathon.  I see a man pushing his wheelchair backwards with one foot with two guides I hear many different languages around me excited to see the landmarks in New York.

    I feel pride for all of us out there just trying to achieve a goal.  During the hours that it takes to complete the marathon it doesn’t matter who is running next to you, we are one big family.  You just wish you could capture that feeling every day with your neighbors, we wouldn’t have the problems in the world we have if we felt that way every day.

    I wish everyone could get a metal after they achieved their goal no matter what it is.  It feels great to focus on what makes you feel good an not what is bringing you down.  Celebrate your achievements and goals because it helps the next ones come around the corner that much faster.

    Thank you so much to my family at New England Low Vision for their sponsorship, love and support.  Your encouragement carried me not only through the race but through training these past four months.  It is incredible to work for a company that truly cares about their staff and provides an environment where you can grow.

    Tracy Andrews, Low Vision Consultant
    New England Low Vision and Blindness

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