Most Spectacular Low Vision Glasses

Wearables - Jordy and NuEyes
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    New England Low Vision and Blindness is pleased to offer the most spectacular Low Vision Glasses on the market today:

    Jordy and NuEyes

    Jordy – Wearable Magnifier 

    $3,695  Most Spectacular Low Vision Glasses Technology

    Jordy is Real — and Spectacular!

    • See people’s faces
    • Sporting events — Red Sox, Patriots, etc.
    • Watch TV
    • Play cards
    • Worship gatherings
    • Read restaurant menu

    This low vision aid is perfect at work, home, school, at your and anywhere on the go!

    Learn More about the Jordy Wearable Magnifier

    NuEyes ODG SmartGlasses 


    Wearable Tablet, Wireless…. WOW!!

    Most Spectacular Low Vision Glasses Technology

    • Watch television and movies
    • Sporting events – Little League, Pop Warner, etc.
    • Read music and play cards
    • See the faces of loved ones
    • Work in the yard
    • Cook your favorite dish
    • Regain your visual independence

    NuEyes – More than just magnification glasses!

    Learn More about the NuEyes ODG SmartGlasses

    eSight 4 Low Vision Glasses


    Most Spectacular Low Vision Glasses Technology

    eSight’s new low vision assistive device tops the previous generation and is clinically validated to significantly enhance vision for those who are living with eye disease and disorders. This leads to improvements in quality of life and vision!

    eSight glasses sets a new standard for enhanced vision technology by providing even greater visual clarity, a more versatile hardware design to enable unprecedented mobility and all-day use, and incorporating new advanced cloud-based capabilities and mobile apps.

    The eSight 4 improves on its predecessor by excelling in comfort, fit,  mobility, ease of control, and integration. From standard magnification to custom views, advanced vision controls let users select custom view modes. Stay up-to-date with Wi fi updates and shared accounts so loved ones to see what you see and help customize your experience.

    eSight 4 can help with a range of vision conditions and is trusted by low vision experts!

    Learn More about eSight 4 Low Vision Glasses

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    If you are interested in scheduling a no-obligation demonstration of these or other low vision glasses, fill out the form below:

    Low Vision Glasses - Demonstration

    Our two(2) state-of-the-art technology showrooms are a wonderful low vision resource, showcasing a variety of leading electronic low vision magnifiers. You can schedule an appointment with a low vision specialist, who can help you find the right low vision solution and other types of low vision rehabilitation services.

    If you cannot come to us, our staff can even drive out and bring our Low Vision Store to you, for a no-obligation Low Vision Product demonstration.  We offer a comprehensive line of low vision products including electronic magnification low vision aids, and leading low vision products for people with Macular Degeneration, and other forms of vision loss.

    To schedule a no-obligation demonstration, contact the Low Vision Specialists at New England Low Vision and Blindness to learn more.  Call 888-211-6933 or email

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