iPad and iPhone Revolution

The iPad/iPhone has revolutionized accessibility for individuals who are blind/visually impaired. The iPhone/iPad is one of the few universal devices that comes with access for the blind built right in.


VoiceOver is a built-in screen reader for the OS and iOS (Mac/Apple) devices.  It provides a spoken description of what is being presented on the screen.  It does this by a hierarchy of elements, which is then navigated by keystrokes or in the case of iOS (iPad/iPhone), gestures. The interesting thing though, is when you turn on VoiceOver it changes how the device operates for all users.

Find Out More:  https://www.apple.com/accessibility/iphone/vision/

VO Calendar

Looking for smooth calendar navigation while using VoiceOver, VO Calendar might be the solution. This app can only be used together with VoiceOver.  The design offers speech output that provides smart summaries of calendar information.  This prevents the user from having to go through each event individually.  Therefore, offering alternative and more efficient ways of accessing your calendar.

The VO Calendar is specifically designed to work with VoiceOver, providing smooth navigation through the app along with the ability to record voice memos.  The screen is split into two halves, which allows the user to browse through the app more easily.

~ Gloria

About Gloria Stuart

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Gloria is a Senior Assistive Technology Specialist and Trainer at New England Low Vision and Blindness.  Gloria is both an expert and user of low vision equipment, providing assistive technology services to children and adults in Rhode Island and throughout New England for more than 20 years.

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