ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard – White Print on Black Keys


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What’s New in the New ZoomText Large Print Keyboard:

Easy typing and quick access to ZoomText

Designed for ZoomText users that struggle to see and find the keys on their keyboard, the original ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard succeeded at making typing and using ZoomText faster, easier and more enjoyable than ever before.  Ai Squared is proud to introduce the all-new ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard, featuring a cutting-edge design, features and performance that you’re going to love. Sleek modern design that compliments any workstation.

For starters, the new ZoomText Keyboard has a brilliant design that is both attractive and low-vision friendly, a feat that was previously thought to be impossible. This is the keyboard that all of your friends will admire.

High-contrast keycaps—easy to see, even in low light!

Each and every key on the ZoomText Keyboard features 36-point keycap labels that are always easy to see (even in low-light conditions), thanks to the ultra-high-contrast color schemes—“White on Black” and “Black on Yellow”.

Premium keyboard action that is a joy to type on

The new ZoomText Keyboard features premium scissor-switch keys.  Known for their solid and uniform feel, these keys are truly enjoyable to type on. With the ZoomText Keyboard, you’ll increase speed, accuracy and confidence in your typing.

A solid body that stays anchored under your hands

Built on a durable, weighted chassis, the new ZoomText Keyboard stays put on your desktop and always feels solid and stable under your hands, even if you’re an aggressive typist.

One-touch access to your favorite ZoomText features and more

With the ZoomText Keyboard software installed, the F1 through F12 function keys perform double-duty.  Tapping the function keys will trigger their normal function key actions, in all your applications.  But when you press and hold a function key, its assigned ZoomText command is triggered and the ZoomText feature key mode is engaged, where you only have to tap the keys to trigger the ZoomText commands.  While in feature key mode, a banner is displayed on the screen to indicate that the mode is active.  The mode will automatically exit 5 seconds after the last feature key is pressed, or immediately when any other key is pressed.  With the ZoomText feature keys, you can change magnification levels, toggle screen enhancements, launch the ZoomText reading tools and more—all without having to memorize complicated hotkeys!

Labels for the default feature key commands are printed above the function keys, so learning to use these commands is easy.  We know you may want these keys to trigger different commands, so we’ve designed the software to allow you to customize the command assignments.  You can reassign each of the feature keys to your choice of ZoomText command, Internet and multimedia command, or a command to open an application, document or web page. And your ZoomText Keyboard software can be used with any keyboard, so the power of the ZoomText feature keys can be extended to your laptop keyboard or any other keyboard that you want or need to use.

Two conveniently located USB ports

The ZoomText Keyboard also includes two USB ports that are always in reach—one at each end of the keyboard.  Quickly plug in your mouse, thumb drive, webcam, LED light, or other USB device, without having to find and plug into those hard to reach USB ports on the back of your laptop, or even worse, on the back of your computer that’s under your desk.

Low Vision Keyboard — Available with either (Black Letters on Yellow Keys) or (White Letters on Black Keys).

How to Reassign Hot Keys:

The ZoomText Keyboard Settings and Assign Key wizards let you reassign ZoomText feature keys to your choice of ZoomText commands, Internet and multimedia commands, or to open an application, document or web page. It couldn’t be easier! Here are step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the ZoomText Keyboard Settings dialog. You can do this by doing one of the following:
    • Click on the ZoomText keyboard icon in the system tray and then select Open ZoomText Keyboard from the tray menu.
    • In the Windows Start menu, choose Programs -> ZoomText Keyboard -> ZoomText Keyboard.
      ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard - White Print on Black Keys
  • Select the key that you want to reassign.
  • Click on the Assign Key button. The Assign Key wizard opens.
    ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard - White Print on Black Keys
  • Under Custom Key Assignment, choose the desired assignment type and then click the Finish button. The wizard will present a list of command options for the selected assignment type.

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Sleek modern design that compliments any workstation High-contrast keycaps—easy to see, even in low light! Premium keyboard action that is a joy to type on
A solid body that stays anchored under your hands One-touch access to your favorite ZoomText features and more Two conveniently located USB ports