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for Visually Impaired


Apps, iPads, Androids, Tablets, and Training on Devices for People with Vision Loss

Not everyone with vision loss is a technology expert, and any piece of low vision or blindness technology is only as good as the person who is using it. iPads, iPhones, tablets and the many new apps for the visually impaired provide wonderful, low cost solutions to a lot of issues faced by someone who is low vision.

But keeping up with the latest technology can be overwhelming. Take for example, the KNFBreader. While this app may be quite easy for an experienced iPhone user, a novice may have no luck in figuring it out for themselves.

We not only keep up with the latest technology, apps and devices, but will train you on how to use them as well!


If you have vision loss and use an iPhone, iPad or Tablet, or if you are considering getting one of these devices, we can help make sure that you know how to get the most out of your device and all the apps that are available through our training services.

Our Assistive Technology Specialists at New England Low Vision and Blindness provide training on low vision apps and i-devices to help you and your loved ones master how to use them to increase your independence and user experience.

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