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    After a record-breaking holiday season for Amazon Devices, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks from someone who knows how to make your homework harder for you.

    Customers worldwide purchased tens of millions Amazon Devices this holiday—and they’ll be getting set up heading into 2020. Customers love their devices for features like timers, weathers, music, and more. However, by spending just a few minutes with your Alexa app, you can make sure Alexa works hard for you. Not sure where to start? Have no fear—Ryan Serhant of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: New York is sharing details about how his family has put his Amazon devices in his home to good use.

    “My life is all about working to find someone the perfect home, and once we find it, it’s important to make that homework just as hard for its new owner. Alexa helps our family-run like a well-oiled machine by setting Routines, like turning on the lights and coffee maker when my alarm goes off, automatically opening the shades, and playing music in surround sound throughout the apartment,” said Serhant. “It only takes a few minutes to download the Alexa app and set up your devices—and with more innovations coming to Amazon Devices, it’s a breeze to turn any residence into the perfect ‘home sweet (smart) home.'”

    5 ways that Ryan Serhant & family make their home—and their lives—simpler & smarter

    1. Set up a Routine to take at least one thing off your plate

    “Change your morning routine in just a few minutes with Alexa Routines. With your Alexa app and connected devices, set up a simple Routine to turn on your coffee maker and turn on your favorite playlist at the same time every morning.”

    You can even have Alexa start your day with your favorite inspiration using Alexa Skill Blueprints.

    2. Improve your cooking game with help from the Echo Show

    “Not sure how to prepare a specific vegetable in those ‘new year, new you’ recipes? I no longer have to ask Emilia for tips and tricks in the kitchen—I ask Alexa and she guides me via video tutorials on the Echo Show.”

    If you really want to test your skills, try taking a cooking class live and on-demand with your favorite food network stars with Food Network Kitchen.

    3. Never wonder if you left the lights on, again, thanks to the Alexa App

    “Don’t stress over what you forgot to turn off while you were running out the door for a last-minute meeting. When you connect smart devices to Alexa, you can open your Alexa app and control your smart devices from afar. Or set a Routine so your lights and connected devices turn on and off at specific times each day.”

    If you really want to create the perfect environment at home, consider Philips Hue Smart Bulbs, which are dimmable and can even display a variety of colors.

    4. Enlist the Fire TV Cube as your living room entertainment hub

    “Want to get to your favorite show or movie faster while juggling kids, calls and a sandwich? Without digging through the couch cushions to find the remote, Fire TV Cube can turn on your TV, dim the lights, turn up the volume, pause and rewind what’s on all by simply asking Alexa.”

    The only thing missing from your ultimate Prime Video evening is popcorn and other favorite snacks from Whole Foods Market!

    5. Don’t forget that giving back is now also easier than ever

    “Looking for an easy way to give back? It’s as simple as asking Alexa to donate to Save the Children—an organization we love that makes a real difference in the lives of kids around the world.”

    With these useful tips from Serhant, along with the more than 100,000 skills and features, you can customize your Alexa experience. It just takes minutes to get more out of your devices—ask Alexa to set a reminder and try some out this holiday break!

    This article was originally published By Day One Staff on December 26, 2019, by Day One Staff.  To read the original article, you can visit this link –

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