Teen refuses to let vision loss keep her from academic and personal success

September 9, 2015

Large print textbooks and hand-held magnifiers are among the tools that have helped make her studies easier, Jacey said. She said she does not give up because "if I have to do something, I'm going to do it."

"With notes on a board that I can't see, I've had to have assistive technology to help me get that information. With books that I can't read, I have to get digital copies of them so I can read them on some of the devices with enlarged print," Jacey said.

Howie noted, "The South Carolina Commission for the Blind has been wonderful in providing her with some really neat technology," including a laptop that Jacey will be taking to college.

As far as technology, Jacey said she has used everything from low-tech, hand-held magnifiers and monoculars to more high-tech devices such as an iPad and a portable electronic magnifier that helps her read, write and view magnified images at any distance."

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