August 27, 2015

"What exactly do you see when you’re blind?

It varies — vision loss manifests in many different ways — but the variety of colors, the sharpness of shapes, and the details that most of us take for granted are usually out of reach.

“The central vision is sort of a blurred mish mosh of colors that is indistinguishable,” Marc Muszynski, a 29-year-old whose vision is slowly fading away, told BuzzFeed. “Around that, the rest of it is pretty bad too.”

Muszynski’s experience, or something like it, is one shared by many: Vision loss is one of the ten most common disabilities US adults face; it affects more than 3.4 million Americans over age 40.

Historically, there’s been little we can do for someone going blind. Slowly but surely, that’s starting to change."

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