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What is Vision Buddy?

Vision Buddy is unique in that it magnifies a direct-feed of your TV so users can lay in their bed and look up at the ceiling and TV will broadcast direct to the headset magnifying the TV image up to 10 times original size. It is an incredible experience!

Vision Buddy is the world’s first ultra-simple Television Watching System for the Visually Impaired. Plug the Vision Buddy Streamer to an existing cable tv box or any other tv provider, and watch live Television on Vision Buddy headset. Specially designed for various low vision eye conditions like Age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, etc. Zoom in or out to enjoy a movie theater experience right in your living room. With a click of a button switch to magnification/camera mode and see the world around you. It’s that simple!

How Vision Buddy Works

Step 1:Vision Buddy Low Vision Wearable Glasses

  • Connect Vision Buddy Streamer to TV Cable Box.
  • Vision Buddy supports any Cable or TV Provider Box (Comcast, Cox, Apple TV ). Simply connect the HDMI cable out from the box to Vision Buddy Streamer’s HDMI in port.

Step 2: Vision Buddy Low Vision Wearable Glasses

  • Turn on Vision Buddy headset on.
  • When you turn on the Vision Buddy headset, it will automatically connect to the streamer, and start showing live TV video!

And that’s it!

Vision Buddy Low Vision Wearable Glasses

You are now ready to use the world’s first and ultra-simple TV watching system for the elderly and visually impaired! Simply use the TV or cable box’s remote to change channels, and see the live video clearly and in vivid colors on the headset.

What are the possibilities?

Vision Buddy is designed to be the simplest device out there to assist visually impaired individuals watching TV, as well as be able to perform simple day to day tasks.

  • Watch TV clearly – Enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies, once again. Zoom in or out as per your needs while watching HD quality video with real-time image correction.
  • Regain your independence – Vision Buddy comes with a digital magnifier. See your surroundings, watch your loved one’s faces, read books, change the thermostat settings etc.
  • Read books, with the ability to zoom in and out or use built-in OCR to read aloud text from your favorite books, newspaper, and magazines.
  • Perform day to day activities like setting up the thermostat, operate a microwave, read medicine labels, etc. with ease.
  • Advanced OCR – Use the built-in Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) feature to have Vision Buddy automatically read aloud your favorite books, newspaper, medicine labels, restaurant menu, etc.


“I used to just scan the pages without even being able to read the words. With Vision Buddy, I can read everything clearly!” – Jeremy (Macular Degeneration )

“I literally threw away my reading glasses after I got my hands on Vision Buddy. Everything around me is now clear as day. I’m forever grateful.” – Saleem (Glaucoma )

“I was buying bigger TVs, thinking that the reason why I couldn’t see anything was that they were too small. Safe to say, Vision Buddy is saving me money on buying new TVs because it displays TV programs right into my headset!” – Tom (Glaucoma )


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