PAC Mate BX440

PAC Mate BX440


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The PAC Mate BX440 accessible Pocket PC is composed of a PAC Mate BX400 and a removable 40-cell PAC Mate Portable Braille Display. The PAC Mate BX features an eight-key Perkins-style braille keyboard, JAWS speech output, and ActiveSync capabilities so it can provide direct access through the PAC Mate to the user’s desktop PC and its applications, including e-mail and the Internet.

The PAC Mate Omni is a versatile portable computer with built-in JAWS to provide speech or Braille access to Windows® Mobile® applications for people who are blind. The PAC Mate Omni provides users with a host of productivity tools that enable them to access virtually every application that sighted users enjoy. It seamlessly synchronizes with your desktop computer to effortlessly update your email, contacts, appointments, files, tasks, and even Web favorites.

Access to the Mobile versions of Windows Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint®, Internet Explorer®, Windows Media Player®, and more Uses Microsoft's Direct Push technology for real-time synchronization of Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks Smart filtering for rapid location of email messages Plug-and-play support for WiFi and Bluetooth® CompactFlash® cards Built-in DAISY player including support for Learning Ally Second language support for Eloquence voice synthesizers and Braille
Support for human-sounding RealSpeak English voices Built-in Braille Study Mode with downloadable FSBraille Coach More than 20 hours of battery life Unique modular design offers 6 models: Perkins-style Braille keyboard QWERTY-style keyboard Speech only or add a 20-cell or 40-cell removable Braille display