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Enjoy speech on the go – just point, capture, and listen.

The Compact 6 HD Speech is more than just another electronic magnifier. Being only half an inch thick, it is a pocket-sized, 6-inch touch screen magnifier that reads texts aloud, whether it is at your desk, at a store, at home, at school, or at the office.

Speech on the go

Just point the Compact 6 HD Speech magnifier at your document, take a picture and listen as the text is read aloud.  The compact size will capture the image and read you the text in over 25 languages.

Enjoy superior magnification

With the Compact 6 HD Speech magnifier you can read magnified text in high contrast colors and view objects from a short distance.  With the 6-inch screen, you can display more on the screen and maximize readability. Comes ready to use out of the box within seconds – magnifies instantly after you turn it on.

Designed to meet your needs

The Compact 6 HD Speech includes two cameras, customizable touchscreen buttons and user-friendly interface – you can tailor your Compact 6 HD Speech to meet your needs.  Add on the reading stand for more comfortable reading at your desk or table or you can use it without the reading stand for magnifying nearby objects or for spot reading.

What’s new?

Easy Mode and Advanced Mode

For the Compact 6 HD, we introduce the option to choose between using the unit in Easy Mode or Advanced Mode. You can switch between these modes at any time by pressing and holding the Mode button.

As the name suggests, Easy Mode is user-friendly, easy to use and is the default mode. Users will only see buttons they use the most: contrast, magnification, and camera switch. In Advanced Mode, users have access to more advanced buttons and options in addition to the ‘easy’ buttons, such as the Menu and Clock. In the Settings Menu, users have the option to configure the unit to their needs, for instance, color, buttons, dark or light theme, Miracast, etc.

Please refer to ‘Updated Menu’ below for more information about the changes within the Menu.

Compact 6 HD Speech

Revamped & Customizable User Interface

We developed a new user interface for the Compact 6 HD with bigger buttons and increased contrast. Additionally, users have the option to personalize the user interface, by choosing their preferred color theme (Light or Dark) and button bar position (Bottom or Side).

Compact 6 HD Speech

Updated Menu

Upon first opening the Menu, users will see the menu items they’ll use the most. Additionally, we merged the More… menu with the Settings menu for increased simplicity.

Compact 6 HD Speech

New, Larger Speaker

We improved the speaker in the Compact 6 HD, resulting in higher quality audio. When using OCR, the quality of the speech is much clearer and the volume can be set louder, so users can better hear the speech and work with the unit more comfortably.


New Color for the Back Cover

You will recognize the updated units from the color of the back cover. For the previous units, the back cover was light grey. For the new and improved units, the color is white, similar to the USB connector.

Compact 6 HD Speech

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Point the camera, capture the text, and listen as it is read aloud View and magnify text, objects, and photos Small, pocket-sized design Ready to use within 1 second More words on-screen for maximum overview 6-inch high-brightness touchscreen Customizable button bars Designed to move smoothly over reading materials Continuous zoom: 1.8 - 18x