Mountbatten Braille Whisperer


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For children and their teachers, from very early childhood to university, Mountbatten offers connectivity, resources and software to support flexible teaching and educational needs. Engage children in the learning process, provide a platform for pre-writing, pre-literacy, and pre-computer skills, and supervise and join in what they’re doing – whether you know Braille or not.

Untangling the Mysteries of Graphic Embossers

HumanWare has published their latest webinar “Untangling the Mysteries of Graphic Embossers.” Watch this webinar presented by tactile graphics expert, Lucia Hasty ( You will learn:

  • What makes a good tactile graphic?
  • What is DPI and how does it affect the quality of the graphic?
  • What’s new in the free Firebird graphic software for Enabling embossers?


Recorded Speech
Battery operation
Multiple languages available
Two-way print and Braille conversion
Braille graphics capabilities

Dimensions: 12 x 24 x 45 cm (4.5 x 9.44 x 17.7”)
Weight: 4.7 kg (10.3 lbs)
Power: Rechargeable internal battery
Battery life: 20 hours standard use, 5 hours embossing mode
Paper: Standard office paper, 80 gsm or 20 lbs, to Braille paper 140 gsm
Languages: Available range of languages and braille codes

What’s in the Box: Comes with: Battery charger, starter pack 80 gsm A4 paper, MB-Comm software
MBMimic available on AppStore and Play Google store
Optional: external PC QWERTY keyboard