Merlin Elite Pro Full HD Desktop OCR/CCTV With Split Screen


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Merlin Elite Pro Full HD Desktop OCR/CCTV – now with the exciting new Split Screen option.

The new Split Screen option addresses the need to simultaneously view a live CCTV image alongside your computer or HDMI image. This will allow you to perform tasks more effectively by providing the following split screen viewing options:

  • Vertical Split-1 – CCTV image on right and Computer image on left
  • Vertical Split-2 – CCTV image on left and Computer image on right
  • Horizontal Split-1 – CCTV image on bottom and Computer image on top
  • Horizontal Split-2 – CCTV image on top and Computer image on bottom

To minimize the learning curve, we have designed this option in the same style as line markers and windows. A simple selection in the menu allows you to select or de-select one or all the options.

To activate your desired split screen setting, simply roll the speed wheel on the right side of the console. To adjust the computer image window size, simply press and hold the right-side speed wheel in while toggling the brightness key up or down on the console.

It’s that simple!

Here’s a link to the new manual for the Merlin-Elite-Pro-Manual-Addendum-Split-Screen

The Merlin Elite Pro, now with Split Screen option, is the ‘top of the line’ digital video magnifier of all the Merlin products.

The Merlin Elite Pro is a low vision aid and features both a top of the line Sony 1080p HD camera for viewing magnified information, plus it is a FULL-PAGE text to speech system, containing a 13mp camera, resulting in an extremely high accuracy of text-to-speech conversion quality.

The Merlin Elite Pro is extremely simple to use and is wonderful for people who like to read a lot of text.  With the simple push of a button, the Merlin Elite PRO will magnify the text and read aloud your favorite book or magazine article, newspaper and volumes of other documents.

You will be able to view photographs and other images in high definition color and contrast.

The Merlin Elite Pro is the perfect electronic magnifier for anyone with low vision. Live independently again and…..

  • Give your tired eyes a rest with our text to speech feature (OCR)
  • Text-to-speech – let Merlin elite read your favorite article or book aloud. Many languages are available
  • Place printed text under the Merlin elite camera and press the capture button
  • Merlin elite begins reading the selected text in a few seconds
  • Whether you’re at home, school or at the office, now you can regain your visual independence with Merlin elite
  • Read books, magazines and important documents or let Merlin elite read to you
  • Write letters, view color photos, do crossword puzzles and even pursue a favorite hobby
  • Sony® HD camera displays crystal clear images in vibrant color and contrast, resulting in the brightest white and deepest black
  • High-resolution LCD provides maximum levels of picture detail for a clear, bold display
  • Large field of view – see more on the screen

View a helpful video about the Merlin Elite PRO <click here>

<Click here> to read about an important technical update.

Just like our DaVinci Pro, Merlin Elite Pro now has new improvements including:

  • New Focus Lock Option
  • Improved Single Line Text Mode Viewing Experience
  • All New Import Feature
  • More TTS Speeds and Faster Reading Options
  • Higher Magnification Ability in OCR/TTS
  • Improved Asian Dialects
  • HDMI – Late last year all Merlin Elites (Pro and Non-Pro models) started shipping with a new HDMI option for computer toggle.  Previously, the option was only VGA.  Now we have both!


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CCTV Features:
Sony® Full HD 1080p camera for live CCTV mode

Magnification up to 70X

Screen easily pivots horizontally & vertically to provide the most comfortable viewing position

32 viewing modes to optimize contrast & brightness

Low profile XY table with a user-friendly lock mechanism
OCR Features:
13 Megapixel Camera for accurate Full Page Text-to-Speech

Easy-to-use console with simple & advanced modes

3 OCR reading formats (Full Page Text, Full Page Picture & Single Line Text) for the optimum reading experience

Multiple language detection

Setup is easy, just plug in and begin

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