Merlin Elite 24” Flat Panel Monitor


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Merlin Elite Desktop Video Magnifier (CCTV) with built-in OCR Text-to-Speech reader

HD imaging • Text-to-Speech (OCR) • Versatile Ergonomic Design • Connects to iPad

“Before Merlin Elite, I’d lost all desire to read on my own. Now I can’t wait to get my mail and magazines!” – Satisfied Customer, Regina Saylor

The Merlin Elite is a high performance desktop video magnifier CCTV, featuring both a High Definition (HD) image quality, plus an integrated built-in text-to-speech OCR reader—2 great low vision aids inside 1 low vision product.

This simple to use low vision device offers brilliant HD true color and contrast providing a beautiful, crystal clear picture. Merlin Elite’s unique product design provides a wide field of viewable text on the monitor, making magnified reading easier and more enjoyable.

Experience the joy of reading with both the amazing HD picture quality, plus the new text-to-speech reading feature of Merlin Elite.

  • Highest quality HD camera offered by Enhanced Vision. Colors are extraordinarily vibrant and super-sharp image is better than standard Merlin 19″ CCTV camera.
  • Simple to use CCTV operation — Great product even for people with little technology experience or who are cognitively low functioning. Easy set up, just plug in and begin.
  • Wide 8.5” field of view lets you see more of your document without having to move it left or right

Merlin Elite weighs just 45 pounds and can be conveniently set up on a table or desk anywhere in your home, classroom or at work.

Merlin Elite is both simple to use, and yet expandable for those wanting to do more.

Expandable features can be activated for users wanting to learn more:

  • iPad connectivity; very easy to connect iDevices, for increasing accessibility viewing e-mail, internet, Skype, Facebook, FaceTime, etc.
  • Integrated OCR ‘text-to-speech’ system inside Merlin Elite, to more easily read volume text in books, magazines, newsletters, etc.
  • Merlin Elite 24” HD Monitor can also used as Computer Monitor for PC; VGA toggle

Regain your visual independence with Merlin Elite desktop video magnifier

Merlin Elite’s quality, high definition camera and large viewing monitor allows people with vision loss to read, write and view photography like they used to be able to do. The magnifier and color/background controls give you flexibility in overcoming almost any low vision eye condition.

Whether you’re at home, school or at the office, now you can regain your visual independence with Merlin Elite. The Merlin Elite desktop video magnifier enables users to once again accomplish simple daily tasks like reading prescription drug bottles, ingredients and recipes, trimming finger nails, etc. Read your favorite books, magazines and important documents or let Merlin Elite read to you. Write letters, view color photos, do crossword puzzles and even pursue a favorite hobby.

Merlin Elite 24” Flat Panel Monitor
  • Give your tired eyes a rest with our text to speech feature (OCR)
  • Let Merlin elite read your favorite article or book aloud. Many languages are available
  • Place printed text under the Merlin elite camera and press the capture button
  • Merlin elite begins reading selected text in a few seconds
Merlin Elite 24” Flat Panel Monitor
  • Sony® HD camera displays crystal clear images in vibrant color and contrast, resulting in the brightest white and deepest black
  • High resolution LCD provides maximum levels of picture detail for a clear, bold display
  • Large field of view – see more on the screen
Merlin Elite 24” Flat Panel Monitor
  • Whether you’re at home, school or at the office, now you can regain your visual independence with Merlin elite
  • Read books, magazines and important documents or let Merlin elite read to you
  • Write letters, view color photos, do crossword puzzles and even pursue a favorite hobby

Color Select Feature

With our low vision electronic magnifiers, many color select options are available for increased contrast. Depending on your eye condition, certain text and background color combinations allow for ease of reading. All Enhanced Vision solutions incorporate 2 to 7 color select options. One of the color select options is black and white. It will convert anything you are viewing to a black and white image for increased contrast. Merlin Elite 24” Flat Panel Monitor
Merlin Elite 24” Flat Panel Monitor

The Merlin Elite, offers the ability of horizontal line markers. These line markers provide a reference point when reading. See the difference today!

Horizontal Windowing

Merlin Elite 24” Flat Panel Monitor  The Merlin Elite, offers the ability of horizontal windowing. This feature allows you to totally isolate the text you are viewing for complete legibility.


HDMI Options for DaVinci and Merlin Elite Lines

This is a reminder….Late last year, all Merlin Elites (Pro and Non Pro models) started shipping with a new HDMI option for computer toggle.  Previously, the option was only VGA.  Now we have both!

Want to Learn More?

To schedule a no obligation demonstration, contact a Low Vision Specialists at New England Low Vision and Blindness to learn more. You can also call our toll free number 888-211-6933 or email us at

Our two(2) state-of-the-art technology showrooms are a wonderful resource, showcasing a variety of leading electronic low vision magnifiers and blindness products.  You can schedule an appointment with one of our Vision Specialists who can help you find the right technology, training and care solution.

If you cannot come to us, our staff can even drive out and bring our Vision Store to you, for a no-obligation product demonstration. We offer a comprehensive line of products including electronic magnification low vision aids, blindness products, and leading low vision products for people with Macular Degeneration and other forms of vision loss.

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•Sony® HD auto focus camera 24" high resolution HD LCD for best image quality Text-to-Speech (OCR) – reads aloud with Nuance® software Easy-to-use console with line markers Reading zone preview with motion detection Screen easily pivots horizontally and vertically to provide the most comfortable viewing position 28 viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
LED lighting for truer HD picture quality Wide range of adjustable magnification from 2.4 to 70x Low profile XY table with a user friendly lock mechanism Merlin elite’s monitor can also be utilized as a display for your computer Connects to iPad® (additional cables required) Set up is easy, just plug in and begin 3 year warranty