MagniLink Vision Basic HD 23” Desktop Electronic Video Magnifier


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The MagniLink Vision Basic is a video magnifier with all the necessary features included.

Modern and flexible for home use.

MagniLink Vision Basic is a video magnifier that offers users with visual impairment all the functions they need at an attractive price. It is a modern, flexible video magnifier with an ergonomic, user-friendly design.

Plug & Play

Connect MagniLink Vision Basic to a power socket, turn the on the knob and you are ready to start using your video magnifier!

Easy for all

MagniLink Vision Basic is very easy to use, which makes it especially popular among older users. The control knobs are tactile and ergonomically placed directly on the integrated LVI monitor.  The high-quality monitor is low vision-adapted with high brightness, good contrast and color reproduction. The surface of the monitor is matt to avoid reflections. There is a choice of two monitor sizes, 18.5” and 23”.

Stable reading table and good image quality

The high-quality reading table has friction brakes in the X and Y axes. The brakes can be used to provide higher resistance when the reading table is moved sideways and/or forwards/backwards. They can also be used to lock the reading table during transportation.

HD picture quality

MagniLink Vision offers HD picture quality (720 p). The reading camera has a flicker-free, stable image with high contrast and clear colors.

Here’s a link to the MagniLink Vision Basic user guide – MagniLink Vision Basic User Guide

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Features & benefits
Quality at an attractive price
Plug & play and user-friendly 3-knob panel
Integrated LVI-designed monitor, fully low vision-adapted
Stable and robust reading table
High image quality (HD) with a stable, flicker-free image
Modern LED lighting for a uniform light level across the entire reading table
Magnification:  60x
Weight:  13.5 kg
Dimensions: 420 x 470 x 570 mm (WxDxH)
Dimensions, reading table: 420 x 300 mm (WxD)

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