MAGic With Speech


MAGic with speech is one of the leading screen magnification and screen reading solutions available for low vision computer users.  MAGic with speech can help you work more efficiently with all your applications and searching the internet while delivering smooth, crisp letters, even at the highest magnification levels.

The new version of MAGic with speech has several new features and enhancements to earlier versions that we think you will like.  The new version 2 of the Vocalizer Expressive voices from Nuance® Communications ensures any any Vocalizer Expressive version 2 voice that you install for JAWS 18 will also work with MAGic with speech.  The voices provide very responsive, high quality, human-sounding speech in a variety of languages and dialects.

Mouse echo allows MAGic to speak the text that you point to with the mouse pointer. Two new Point and Speak options have been added: Character at Mouse Position and Paragraph at Mouse Position.  The paragraph option allows MAGic to read the paragraph that you pause the mouse pointer over.

The improved tracking features added for PCOM Terminal Emulation application, addresses issues for the Social Security Administration in Windows 10 as it did previously in Windows 7.

Users of MAGic will notice significant improvements with speech when running MAGic with Office 2016. This is a direct result of incorporating speech improvements from JAWS 18 to MAGic.

Note: When MAGic and JAWS 18 are running together, the current mouse echo settings for MAGic are ignored in favor of the JAWS mouse echo settings. MAGic’s mouse echo settings are restored when you exit JAWS.


  • MAGic 13 or later runs on Windows® 8.1 and Windows 10
  • 75 magnification levels from 1x to 60x
  • View more of the screen content with multiple magnification levels between 1x and 4x
  • Work longer without fatigue with high-definition text and crisp fonts
  • Never lose track of the cursor or mouse pointer again with MAGic’s high-definition mouse and cursor enhancement options
  • Eliminate glare and increase contrast with built-in color enhancements
  • Speech options add human-sounding voices to speak text and echo user actions
  • Easy to learn and use with built-in training tools
  • Add a MAGic Large Print Keyboard with bold, high-contrast keys for easy access to MAGic’s most-used features
  • MAGic is designed and tested to work well on computers where JAWS is installed

Business and Classroom Features

  • Dual-monitor support provides greater productivity
  • Citrix Remote Access for advanced workplace opportunities

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