EYE-PAL Reader

EYE-PAL Reader


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Eye-Pal Reader

Smart Scanner/Reader that reads aloud most printed materials. Ergonomic, easily foldable and light weight device automatically detects the size of a document, instantly scans an entire 8.5” x 11” and converts it to speech.

Ready to start reading right out the box, it scans without missing a line. Books stay bound while scanning. Now read even the thickest books with ease, our auto zoom camera automatically adjusts to the thickness of the book.

Scanning and Reading mode

EyePal Reader reading a bottleWith no buttons to push, Eye-Pal Reader will do the work for you.
Place a book, document or a piece of mail on its base and, in a few seconds, the text will be read aloud. Do not worry about which way you place your printed material. Navigate through a document with the arrow keys on the keypad or with hand gestures. Patent-pending motion detector automatically senses your hand commands.

No computer or computer skills required. Truly ideal for those who have difficulty reading print – blind, dyslexic, stroke victim etc.
Weighing only 4.6 pounds, it is no ordinary reader. It has the ability to read small print on product packaging labels such as cans, bottles, cereal, and frozen food. Reader can read 19 different languages.

Fine Print mode

Even people with 20/20 vision can’t read the fine print on a medicine bottle, but, Eye-Pal Reader can! Place a bottle under the camera, wait a moment and listen to the device reading it out loud.

A thumb drive allows you to save multiple pages in multiple formats.