Express 150-220V Braille Embosser


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The Braille Express 150 is a is a rugged, double-sided, production Braille embosser that produces double-sided Braille at a speed of 150 characters per second or about 500 Braille pages per hour.

The Braille Express 150 has a 500-page memory and has a built-in multi-copy feature to allow you to emboss up to 99 copies of the same document.

The Express 150-220V Braille Embosser produces high-quality double-sided (interpoint) and single-sided Braille. Embossing speed of 150 CPS (500 PPH). Housed in a durable aluminum carrying case with handle

In a production environment, we estimate that a Braille Express 150, used for five hours a day, can produce about 500,000 pages of Braille a year.

The Braille Express 150 produces top quality Braille and can emboss up to 44 Braille characters per line on continuous form, tractor feed Braille paper. The Braille Express 150 comes standard with the following capabilities and features:

  • Embossing speed up to 150 characters per second.
  • Embosses 6 or 8 dot Braille.
  • Embosses regular (12.5 DPI) and high resolution (17 DPI) graphics.
  • Embosses standard Braille line spacing or one and one-half line spacing.
  • Embosses high-quality, double-sided Braille on continuous form, tractor feed Braille paper up to 11.5 inches wide.
  • Includes ET Speaks provides automatic speech feedback as you use your embosser.
  • Multi-copy up to 99 copies of a document.

The Braille Express 150 comes with a one-year factory warranty, USB to Parallel adapter cable, line cord, user manual & printer driver on CD-ROM. Annual Service Maintenance Agreements (SMA) for the Braille Express 150 are also available for purchase.


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Printing Speed: Double Sided/Interpoint 150 characters per second. Single Sided 90 characters per second.

Line Width: 44 characters.

Paper Width: Adjustable 1.5 inches to 13.25 inches (3.8 to 33.6 cm).

Page Length: Selectable. 3 inches to 14 inches (7.6 to 35.6 cm).

Paper: Continuous tractor feed paper.

Paper Weight: Variable.

Physical Description:

Width: 21.25 inches (53.9 cm).

Depth: 18.00 inches (45.7 cm).

Height: 8.75 inches (22.2 cm).

Weight: 50 pounds (22.7 kg).

Case Style: Aluminum carrying case with handle.

Sound Level: 80 DBA. Sound level may vary with ambient conditions.

Environmental: Temperature: Operating or Storage: 35 F to 100 F (2 C to 37.8 C); Humidity: Operating or Storage: 10% to 95% noncondensing.

Shock: 3 foot drop (approximately 5G). Electrical: Line Voltage: 105 - 130 VAC or 220 - 240 VAC; Fuse Size (maximum): 105 - 130 VAC: 250V, 3.5A slow blow; 220 - 240 VAC: 250V, 1.8A slow blow.

Interface: (Port 1) Centronics compatible parallel. (Port 2) Asynchronous Serial, EIA RS-232D, DTE. (Port 3) ET Speaks, serial.

Compatibility: All Windows Operating Systems through Windows 7 64-bit

Requirements (not included): Windows based computer with Parallel, Serial or USB port.

Braille Translation software.

Braille Paper.

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