Brailliant BI 40


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Brailliant BI 40  Brailliant BI 40 (NEW generation)

New Brailliant BI 40 Braille Display is small and portable and great for student, business use, as well as home use, as well as for anyone wanting Braille on the go.

The Brailliant BI 40 Braille Display is designed for extensive reading with the full comfort and intuitive display navigation of HumanWare’s signature thumb keys.

This 40 cell Braille display with Bluetooth can be connected to a computer with a screenreader, Mac computer, iPad, iPhone or an iTouch. The Brailliant BI 40 has braille input and output, giving you the ability to read and type in Braille.

Brailliant BI 40 is also smarter balanced approved, making it great for schools and students to use for standardized testing.

Brailliant BI 40 fits in front of your laptop or desktop keyboard, and can be used with your preferred mobile devices. Brailliant BI 40 Braille Display offers total compatibility with your digital devices including:

  • Windows computers (32 & 64 bit)
  • Jaws, Window-Eyes
  • iOS (Apple devices)
  • Mac computers
  • NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)
  • System Access (Serotek)

The Brailliant BI 40 Braille Display comes with:

  • USB Cable
  • Power adaptor NA-USB
  • CD drivers
  • Notice Braille
  • User Guide
  • Neoprene carrying case


Brailliant BI 40


Brailliant + iDevices = A Winning Combination

Connect your iPhone to a HumanWare Brailliant display and take advantage of the sleek design, high quality braille cells, and ergonomic keyboard and thumb keys that have been adored by BrailleNote Apex users. Control your iPhone with the braille input keys, read messages, emails, or iBooks, and type responses or documents in contracted or uncontracted braille, all without the touch screen of the iOS device.

The Best of Both Worlds

Once the two tools are paired, the Brailliant can be used to produce braille output, along with providing control over the iPhone without using the touch screen. Users have the capability to:

  • Navigate applications, home screens, and other elements
  • Select items
  • Enter text into any editable applications such as text messages, emails, note files, etc, using the Brailliant’s ergonomic braille input keys. Text can be entered in contracted or uncontracted braille.
  • Read in braille from all accessible applications, including reading books from the iBooks application.
  • In short, anything that could be accomplished with VoiceOver via the touch screen can be accomplished using the Brailliant’s input keyboard

To connect the Braillliant to the iOS  device, the pairing has to be initialized from the iPhone or iPad, just as with any other keyboard or Bluetooth device.


Brailliant BI 40

Read what users are saying about the Brailliant

Whether you are using a PC, a Mac, or a mobile device, the Brailliant braille display provides you an exceptional braille reading experience. Equipped with the thumb keys and ergonomic design that have been so popular in HumanWare’s BrailleNote line of devices over the years, the Brailliant offers you an effortless braille reading experience with virtually no learning curve.
Brailliant BI 40

User stories

Brailliant BI 40
Since getting my Brailliant 40, I have had access to braille outside of the blind school I attended. This meant that if I got my college textbooks electronically, I could still read them. Even between semesters and beyond, I could use the Brailliant with my iOS device and read books purchased using iBooks! This meant that I could still keep my braille reading skill up while still enjoying a book for the same cost as everyone else! This was not my first braille display, but it’s been my best!

John Abreu
Ontario, Canada



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4 thumb keys 6 command keys 8-key Braille keyboard 2 spacebars Cursor router keys Dimensions: 31 x 8.7 x 1.8cm / 650g (12.2"x 3.4"x 0.7" / 1.43 lbs.)
Windows, Jaws, iOS and Mac compatible USB 2.0 and Bluetooth V2.1 Battery lasts up to 20 hours with Bluetooth Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery Recharges from the PC through the USB port Compatible with any standard USB A/C adapter