BrailleNote Touch 32 Braille Notetaker/Tablet


BrailleNote Touch – The future is so close you can touch it!

The BrailleNote Touch from Humanware is the latest and most innovative note taker on the market. The BrailleNote Touch interface; complete with a full visual screen and braille display is easy for users of any age to learn and enjoy. This impressive device combines the benefits of the KeySoft and the braille literacy of a traditional note taker with the efficiency and power of a tablet or smartphone. The BrailleNote Touch supports Google Play Store for accessible third party apps making it the first certified accessibility device to provide Play Store access!

Those who use the BrailleNote Touch will enjoy the KeySoft user experience with the power of an Android operating system. Optimized for today’s technology, KeySoft has the ability to access third party apps such as YouTube, Twitter, Google Drive, Facebook and more. The BrailleNote Touch offers modern connectivity including WiFi, Bluetooth and internal GPS.

One of the most exciting features is the TouchBraille which gives users the ability to control navigation of the Touch and edit documents in braille right on the surface of the tablet. The Virtual Keys find the users fingers as they begin to type on the screen. Typing is silent making the BrailleNote Touch usable anywhere. The BrailleNote Touch also ships with a rugged carrying case which comes with a keyboard cover offering a traditional note taker feel. This is a great option for young students or those long writing sessions.

Release of BrailleNote Touch Version 5.0 KeySoft Version 5.0 has arrived!  Now offering full QWERTY support and one-handed mode

HumanWare announces the immediate availability of BrailleNote Touch KeySoft version 5.0 allowing for multiple QWERTY keyboard layouts with full navigation functionality. A one-handed mode feature is included to enable users restricted to the use of one hand to interact with the BrailleNote Touch fully.

Full QWERTY support

KeySoft version 5 introduces support for multiple QWERTY keyboards. It allows for full functionality, both input and navigation, using either Bluetooth or USB QWERTY keyboards. Want to switch to a different keyboard layout? No problem – using a quick command, you can switch between all of your configured keyboard layouts.

One-handed mode

Being inclusive in every way possible – The BrailleNote Touch now features a one-handed mode for Braille input, useful for users restricted to the use of one hand.

Media control shortcuts

Listening to your favorite radio stations or songs can now be controlled from outside the media player application. Enjoy having background music while working in KeyWord with the comfort of knowing you can start and stop the music on the fly.

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For more information on what is contained in these app updates, we invite you to view any of the following snapshot videos:

This version includes enhancements and fixes that came directly from BrailleNote Touch users. We appreciate all those who write to us with suggestions or bug reports, which helps us to continue improving the world’s first Google-certified Braille tablet.

When connected to the internet, Touch users will begin seeing a notification that a system update is available. When the notification appears simply press a cursor router key, and the download will begin immediately. Note that this version is larger than the previous BrailleNote versions, so it is expected that the download will take additional time.

If the notification has not appeared, simply navigate to the All Applications menu and select the KeyUpdater app. It will show that an update is available online. Simply tap the router key on this item, and the download will begin.

BrailleNote Touch in the classroom

BrailleNote Touch 32 Braille Notetaker/Tablet   The BrailleNote Touch truly is a 21st century note taker for a 21st century classroom. It is an incredibly powerful tool for students who use braille. Students are able to write documents, send emails, download and read books as well as collaborate with classmates and share files with teachers who use Google Drive. The BrailleNote Touch was designed to allow students to complete their work easier and more efficient than ever. 

BrailleNote Touch in the boardroom

BrailleNote Touch 32 Braille Notetaker/Tablet   The BrailleNote Touch was designed to make everyday office tasks simple and seamless for blind users. Professionals will love access to the Exchange server to sync work emails, contacts and calendars. The BrailleNote Touch makes creating professional documents, emails and browsing the web easy. Do you have a business trip? Take the BrailleNote with you and use it on the go! Communicate with colleagues around the world with Google Hangouts or collaborate and share documents using Google Docs or other cloud based services. 

BrailleNote Touch Online Training

BrailleNote Touch 32 Braille Notetaker/Tablet

New England Low and Blindness, in conjunction with HumanWare, are pleased to announce the launch of an industry first – BrailleNote Touch Online Training Wizard – <Click here to learn more>

Here Are Some Useful Videos:

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Height: 2.06 cm (0.8”) Width: 24.4 cm (9.5”) Depth: 16.2 cm (6.3”) Weight: 900 g (2 lbs.) Texas Instruments OMAP4460 1.2GHz Mobile Processor, Dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 16 GB internal SD card for firmware and storage 2GB (16Gb) Low Power DDR2 SDRAM High Speed USB 2.0 slave for PC connectivity and battery recharge High Speed USB 2.0 host port Audio Codec with volume control Internal Omni Directional MEMS type Microphone Internal stereo 1W Speakers (two speakers) Audio output connector for headphones or external speaker Audio input connector for external microphone or stereo recording (line-in) Integrated Battery Charger Rechargeable and user replaceable 5100mAh Li-Ion Battery with thermistor and internal gas gauge
22.86 cm x 7.62 cm (9” x 3.8”) Multi-touch capacitive touch screen over a 1024 x 600 18 cm (7”) diagonal LCD screen HDMI output for external display (no audio) 18 or 32 Braille display cells with cursor routing buttons (1 button per cell) 8MP camera with LED based lighting Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth 4.0 (dual mode: BLE and classic) Real Time Clock with battery backup Vibration device Sensors 3D Accelerometer 3D Gyroscope 3D Electronic compass Power requirement: +5VDC, 1.5A Battery: Li-Polymer 3.7V nominal, 5100mAh, in operation charge time of 12 hours
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