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Aira (pr. EYE-rah)

The name is derived from two interesting sources: The emerging field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the ancient Egyptian mythological being and symbol known as the Eye of Ra (RA). Steeped in the mysteries of Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Ra has symbolized protection, healing and the power to perceive and interpret both the seen and unseen in the universe.

The world can be complex. Using Aira Smart Glasses is simple.

Aira is video-equipped wearable smart glasses, a smartphone app and one-button access to a network of trained professional agents. You get immediate assistance for almost anything you want to do without a sighted person nearby. It is like having vision in your pocket.​​ Simple.

One Aira subscription gets you all of this:

1.  Agent access, smart glasses and more perks

With your stylish smart glasses, Aira app and friendly agents, you are all set to go from day one. Feel free to Engage, Explore and Experience the world on your own terms. You also get access to priority WiFi service, Insurance for hardware, free training, and free access in Aira Network sponsor sites. All included in your monthly subscription.

2. Professional, caring agents anytime you need them

Aira Agents are people passionate about what they do. They are the hand selected, specially trained professionals you talk with when you connect with the service any time and from anywhere. Agents and Explorers can do almost anything as a team. Talk to an Aira agent and you are talking to a person who loves their job every day.

3. Worry-free support and constant innovation

Not only do you get training, insurance protection for your glasses and ongoing support, we are constantly innovating to extend Aira’s services. Like Chloe, our automated agent similar to Siri or Amazon Echo. You can choose to access services via our human agents or this new tool. We will never stop innovating with you.

Aira Smart Glasses

How Does Aira Work?  <Click Here> to listen to this Agent and User to experience what Aira is really like.

Explore the world in a completely different way

Aira at home

  • Sort mail and medications
  • Color match clothes
  • Read mom’s recipe
  • Interpret Captcha codes
  • Separate laundry
  • Read to a child

Aira at school

  • Roam the campus
  • Locate a stadium seat
  • Lay out an outfit
  • Select cafeteria items
  • Read a whiteboard
  • Find a vacant library cubicle

Aira at work

  • Locate the elevator
  • Navigate the site
  • Interpret presentation slides
  • Operate office equipment
  • Find a cubicle
  • Sort mail and papers

Aira on the go

  • Explore your city
  • Go for a hike
  • Enjoy the park or zoo
  • Travel with confidence
  • Find available gym equipment
  • Roam historic sites

Testimonials and Reviews:

  • Independence like never before – “Since I started using the Aira services it is the most independent I have felt as a blind person since I went blind. And that’s a fact.” -Chuck Miller
  • A new level of empowering experience – “A cane is an object detector. A dog is an object avoider. But neither can tell me what the object is. Aira can tell me that and more.” -Stephanie Hurd
  • “We have a first grader. For spelling homework she has to alphabetize and then write words three times. I could never read that handwritten pencil text with other adaptive tools, but with Aira the agent tells me exactly what is there. Having Aira helps me help my daughter with homework independently.” -Hy Cohen
  • Click here to read a review by AccessWorld Magazine – Game-Changing Technology: A Review of the Horizon Smart Glasses from Aira, Deborah Kendrick

Ready to Explore? Want to know more? Connect with us and start the conversation today.

Step 1: Aira Smart Glasses

Contact a Low Vision Specialist at New England Low Vision and Blindness  – call our toll free number 888-211-6933 or email us at  We will outline the different plans and help you pick the plan that makes the most sense for you, sign up in a couple of minutes and download the Aira app to your smartphone. Simple.

Step 2: Aira Smart Glasses

Receive the Aira Starter Kit.  In a few days we send everything you need to start exploring your world in a completely different way.

Step 3: Aira Smart Glasses

Connect and Explore. On the first call, connect with our specially trained Agents and learn how everything works. Then connect anytime, anywhere for anything.

We Are Here To Help

To learn more about Aira or any of our products and services or to schedule a no obligation demonstration, contact a Low Vision Specialist at New England Low Vision and Blindness to learn more. You can also call our toll free number 888-211-6933 or email us at

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