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CSEP Scientific Programs and Technology Expo

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Continuing our commitment as an Ophthalmic Resource For Untreatable Patients.


Ophthalmic Resource For Untreatable Patients

CSEP Scientific Programs and Technology Expo

At your practice, are untreatable patients a reality?


We are asked, "Why didn't my Doctor inform me of these technology resources?"


Are your untreatable patients amazed at how much they can see?

What Happens With Your Patients Who Are No Longer Treatable?


  • What do you tell your patient?
  • Is the place where you are directing them really helping?
  • Beyond special glasses and magnifiers, does your patient experience the most up-to-date technology?
  • Does your patient return to you happy?


How we help.

  • The primary service we provide is to work alongside Ophthalmologists and Low Vision Doctors, supplementing Ophthalmic care by helping patients who are no longer treatable with surgery or injections.
  • We also help after a patient receives a functional low vision exam.
  • We operate as an extension of your Ophthalmic practice, inside your untreatable patient's home.
  • Many of our clients are senior citizens with no technology experience.
  • Together we improve outcomes for a patients return to normalcy, revitalized self esteem and renewed quality of life.
  • We help make untreatable patients happy.

Ophthalmologists - Be the Hero!

If you are aware of patients who are struggling with their vision loss, either pre or post Ophthalmic treatement, please consider offering us as a helpful resource.


Be the Hero again with your untreatable patient.


Take Action NOW! - Three (3) convenient Ophthalmic options to get started - At NO CHARGE:

  1. OPTION 1 - We drive to you for a short 10 minute meeting and explain how we help your untreatable patients. E-mail us NOW to schedule a consult. (info@nelowvision.com)
  2. OPTION 2 - We drive to you and bring several of our Top 10 Technologies from our Showroom to your Practice. You provide the room. We can stay up to 5 hours per day and see as many patients as you would like.
  3. OPTION 3 - You submit one of the Patient Referral Forms below, either electronically or fax. Then, one of our Low Vision Specialists will follow up with your Patient within 24  hours. Also, after you refer your Patient to us, we will notify you how we were able to help your Patient.

Two (2) Convenient Patient Referral Forms

Our Care Commitment

It should be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone with Low Vision NOT to know about & experience this technology.


We are here to help. We are well known, tested, proven and trusted. No matter what your Patient's low vision or blindness needs, we have the right solution with compassionate care.


We represent nearly 100% of all major low vision and blindness suppliers, offering the latest up-to-date and most consumer choice under one roof.


We go to your Patient's home, work or school for training, so they can be trained in the actual environment where they are using the technology.


Our Advanced Low Vision Eye Rehabilitation Clinic provides a unique, personalized 2-hour experience in specialty low vision rehabilitation services to supplement traditional eye care.

Affordable Options

Through our Peace of Mind CCTV Program, we offer 3 convenient monthly pricing packages. Training & support is included, no more worries.

Convenient Locations

We have two Low Vision Adaptive Technology Showrooms (Massachusetts and Connecticut) where your Patients can experience a hands-on evaluation and training with the latest visual impairment technology.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our return policy is designed to provide you with sufficient time to ensure your Patient made the right decision and that they are completely satisfied.

Expert Help From Start To Finish

Our Specialized Vision Experts work one-on-one to help our visually impaired clients to gain a sense of independence and learn to compensate for their vision loss.  Our 6-step process ensures your Patient's success:

  1. Assessment and Evaluation
  2. Customized, Unbiased Recommendations
  3. Help with Set-up and Configuration
  4. Training Services
  5. Troubleshooting Services
  6. Detailed Reporting, Documentation and Recommendations