Comcast & NuEyes partner to change TV viewing experience for blind people

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    American telecommunications company Comcast has partnered with NuEyes to introduce a new technology for people with low vision. Their new NuEyes e2 smart glasses and VR magnifying device will give a whole new TV viewing experience to people who are blind. This technology has already been launched in the United States. The blind community in India looks forward to the device being launched in India.

    Comcast is an American telecommunication conglomerate with many projects in hand. The latest and most exciting is a new technology for people who are blind. Comcast has partnered with NuEyes, a wearable technology start-up, to change TV viewing for blind people. Their Xfinity Stream App will allow blind customers to watch both live TV and live stream content on any device. So now, watching movies, news and sports can be a totally new experience.

    Power of tech to change the lives of blind people

    There are many people who lose their vision late in life. This new device will enable them to resume doing things they never could. The device is lightweight and can worn around easily. It has already been introduced in the United States to a good response from the blind community there.

    Maitreya Shah, a blind law student and disability rights activist, welcomes the news.

    “Comcast is a popular American brand and their partnership with NuEyes is definitely great. The latest device is a fantastic technology for people with low vision. Though I don’t think this will benefit people who are completely blind. A lot of people with low vision are left out of conventional TV viewing and other resources. So this is going to benefit them.” -Maitreya Shah, Law student.

    The makers of NuEyes e2 smart glasses technology claim that its users will also be able to cook, read and even see faces of their loved ones using the device.

    Praise for NUEYEs

    Over the past few years, NuEyes e2 Company has been developing various devices for people from the visually impaired community. With this latest technology, they hope to revolutionize the way visually impaired people, especially those with low vision watch TV. “We want to thank @FoxBusiness for covering our partnership announcement with @comcast! We are excited to now offer Xfinity Stream as a standard feature on the NuEyes e2 !”, tweeted NuEyes.

    Many people took to social media to appreciate the efforts taken by both Comcast and NuEyes . “The visually impaired can now watch Comcast TV channels on VR goggles”, tweeted Alex Hern.

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