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    College Success @ Perkins Resources Education Top Choices Training The transition to young adulthood can be challenging for everyone – there are higher expectations, more independence and lots of social and emotional changes to adjust to. And the stakes are even higher if you are blind or visually impaired.

    That’s why Perkins School for the Blind has developed programs dedicated to supporting young adults through this transition – whether their path takes them to college or on the first step to a successful career.

    College Success is a selective, nine-month residential program for blind or visually-impaired high school graduates – ages 18 to 22 – who are either college-bound or who have spent time in college and are looking to hone their skills for a successful return to college. The next session of the program starts in August 2019.

    This is an experience – for the students, driven by the students – that encourages both academic and personal growth. The program is designed to give each student the opportunity to build up the specific, individual skills they need to take charge of their future and create the college experience they’ve always wanted.  Additional program details and an application are available online at www.Perkins.Org/College or you can contact: Amy Ferreira, Director of Admissions,

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