Best Trade-Up Program for a Braille Embosser

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    It’s time to upgrade your embosser!

    In 2019, we introduced new, advanced solenoids on all our embossers. The solenoid is the main part of an embosser responsible for producing the Braille dot. These new solenoids resulted in improved performance for our embossers including:

    1) Industry-leading Braille dot quality
    2) Improved durability and longer life cycle
    3) Lower power consumption

    Our September firmware upgrade further enhanced the power of the new solenoids and made our embossers faster!

    If you are operating a Romeo 60, Juliet 120, Basic-D V5 or Everest-D V5 embosser that does not have new generation solenoids, you can still benefit from all the improvements introduced over the past year. Starting today you can upgrade them with new solenoids and receive a one-year warranty for a very attractive price.

    Update Promotion Includes:

    • Brand new solenoids
    • New mainboard
    • Software update, cleaning, and labor
    • 1-year warranty
    • Return shipping to you
      • Incoming shipping is not included in price
      • If you do not have the original box, we will ship one at no cost.  Do not use other boxes
      • Return shipping is included in price
    • Quick turnaround (upgrade performed in our ETC Florida facility)
    • Promotion expires September 30, 2020


    • ETC Juliet 120, Index Basic-D and Everest: $1445 + shipping in.
    • ETC Romeo: $1245 + shipping in.


    How to go forward

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    You can also call our toll free number 888-211-6933 or email us at

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