Top Vocational Rehabilitation Products For 2021:

1. MagniLink TAB Tablet Solution i7 Processor <New Video>

5. MagniLink S Premium Desktop Video Magnifier<New Video>

6. DaVinci Pro Portable 3-in-1 CCTV Video Magnifier <New Video>


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1. MagniLink TAB Tablet Solution i7 Processor <New Video>
Top Low Vision Aids for Vocational Rehabilitation - 2021 Technology Top Choices

MagniLink TAB is a top product because it is a portable tool that incorporates a very high-quality side camera. Having the camera ‘on the side’ is key because the side camera is independent of the viewing monitor tablet, not within the viewing monitor tablet. This allows the user to maintain a consistent view of the tablet monitor without having to continually change the view of the tablet monitor to use the tablet camera. Both the tablet monitor and the side camera are separate from each other, allowing the user to easily view near and distant objects, without having to continually adjust the tablet monitor. The MagniLink TAB includes a fully functioning Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3” tablet, offering users every flexibility and benefit of modern-day PC computing. The MagniLink TAB collapses down for easy transport and is a complete mobile solution, perfect for students and business professionals. The MagniLink TAB provides the ability to read any printed material with ease allowing users to change the size, contrast, use the built-in fast text-to-speech (TTS), pinch, zoom, write with a stylus, etc. The MagniLink TAB has a great touch and key command ‘action’, it is speedy to work with and keeps up with the expectations and demands of today’s sophisticated users.  <Click Here To Learn More About MagniLink TAB>

2. CloverBook Pro Portable and Foldable Electronic Video MagnifierTop Low Vision Aids for Vocational Rehabilitation - 2021 Technology Top Choices

The CloverBook Pro is a foldable, large-screen video magnifier with 360° viewing and speech all in one! CloverBook Pro offers a large, 12.5-inch FHD screen with full-page text-to-speech scanning; all in a light, foldable, extremely portable unit, complete with an attractive protective carry case. CloverBook Pro is powerful but simple to use; with traditional (tactile) controls, like magnification and contrast knobs. It also has a touchscreen for people who prefer to use that. With CloverBook Pro, you even have the option for split-screen, so you can view notes on your desk and see a presenter/instructor at the same time. Add the additional screen, and you can view both cameras on separate 12.5-inch screens, simultaneously.  If you want to hear your document read aloud, press the “T” button on the front of CloverBook Pro to scan any text in view. Or, enter the scan mode and scan the entire letter-sized page at once. Try one, and see how easy it is to use the new, super-portable, powerful and affordable CloverBook Pro. <Click Here To Learn More About CloverBook Pro>

3. Transformer HD Desktop Video Magnifier <New Video>

Top Low Vision Aids for Vocational Rehabilitation - 2021 Technology Top Choices  iPad, iPad, iPad!! – Transformer HD WiFi + OCR connects wirelessly to your iPad! This is very unique. It also connects to a PC, Mac & Android – all wirelessly, or by USB. It also is very lightweight, and has full-page Optical Character Recognition (OCR)! Incredible! And, it has its own battery, so the battery of the students iPad, PC, Mac, Android is not powering the Transformer. Transformer HD WiFi + OCR is a required “must see” for any Student. <Click Here To Learn More About Transformer HD With WiFi+OCR>

4. Reveal 16i Portable Video Magnifier <New Video>Top Low Vision Aids for Vocational Rehabilitation - 2021 Technology Top Choices

The Reveal 16i Full HD collapsible and “luggable” Electronic Video Magnifier is very simple to use and easily folds up for transport or stowage. This digital magnifier offers an unmatched crisp, and crystal-clear image quality thanks to its 10x optical zoom camera. Designed for seniors and students with simplicity in mind, it is simple & expandable. Simple for those with No technology experience, and expandable for those who want expanded use like using the built-in Android tablet touch-screen monitor. The Reveal 16i incorporates a smart all-in-one device allowing users to video chat with friends, check emails, watch videos on YouTube, download applications from Play Store and have all the printed material read to you thanks to its integrated Optical character recognition (OCR) and Text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities. Users can also open their books and take digital notes before sharing them with others. The Reveal 16i Full HD also has a distance viewing camera, which is great for the classroom, conference room, watching TV, the bird-feeder, or checking out the neighbors. Amazing technology for both the novice and most veteran users. <Click Here To Learn More About Reveal 16i Full HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier>

5. MagniLink S Premium Desktop Video Magnifier <New Video

Top Low Vision Aids for Vocational Rehabilitation - 2021 Technology Top Choices  Chromebook, Chromebook, Chromebook..! The MagniLink S Premium portable video magnifier is Chromebook Compatible. It can also connect to a PC and Mac. It has razor-sharp optics, it is very stable, rugged, and easy to use. It also has Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It can easily be carried from class to class in a student’s backpack. The MagniLink S connects to student’s existing primary technology, allowing students to keep their primary technology (Chromebook, PC, Mac) and simply attach via USB a high quality near and distance camera when needed. MagniLink S is great! …and it is a must see! <Click Here To Learn More About MagniLink S Premium Desktop Video Magnifier>

6. DaVinci Pro — Portable 3-in-1 CCTV Video Magnifier <New Video>

Top Low Vision Aids for Vocational Rehabilitation - 2021 Technology Top Choices

DaVinci Pro, for the 6th year in a row, leads the pack. It is continually upgraded and is still considered the “best-of-the-best” when it comes to an everyday simple-to-use desktop video magnifier workstation. DaVinci Pro’s 3-in-1 Full HD camera displays a super-sharp true-to-life crisp image with no ghosting. DaVinci Pro casts a very wide viewable field and it has an incredible 18″ of working space for almost any reading and writing task. Its 13 mega-pixel full-page Optical Character Recognition (OCR) camera is nearly 100% accurate for converting text into speech for reading newspapers, books, magazines, newsletters, and it is very easy to operate. DaVinci Pro has passed the test of both our most novice and our most advanced power users. It still remains the perfect tool for home, libraries, college disability rooms, senior centers, and retirement communities. <Click Here To Learn More DaVinci Pro>


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