Top Text-to-Speech Aids – 2021

Top Text-to-Speech Aids – 2021:

1. EyePal Solo <New Video>

2. LyriQ

3. Smart Reader HD

4. ClearReader+

5. Patriot Voice EZ

6. MagniLink Voice 2

7. Sara CE

8. omniReader


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1. EyePal Solo <New Video>Top Text-to-Speech Aids - 2021 Technology Top Choices

The main benefit of the Eye-Pal SOLO is the ‘Automatic Scan’. This means that users simply drop their document down, and the EyePal SOLO automatically scans the document and reads it back, without the user touching any buttons or controls. This automatic scan benefit is makes the technology extremely easy to use. The large tactile box-platform, roughly 8.5″x11″ in shape, also contributes to users knowing exactly where to lay their document they want read back to them. The scan is fast, about 3 seconds, and the voice is very clear and understandable. Hand motions can be activated, so instead of learning about 3 buttons, users DO NOT have to use any buttons to operate, just hand motions. Accurate, fast and easy to use, the Eye-Pal SOLO provides instant access to printed documents. This stand-alone device requires no special training and is ready to be used right out of the box. If needed, users can connect it to an external monitor or home TV to view pictures, magnified text or to write a check. Weighing in under seven pounds, users can set it up and plug it in almost anywhere. <Click Here To Learn More About EyePal Solo>

2. LyriQ Top Text-to-Speech Aids - 2021 Technology Top Choices

The LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader is an AUTOMATIC SCAN text-to-speech reader, which means the user does not have to press any buttons for simple and immediate text-to-speech conversion. The LyriQ also has an incredible fifteen (15) hour rechargeable battery, weighs only 3lbs, and folds flat for easy portability. The LyriQ is designed to assist people living with blindness or vision impairments by scanning printed documents and read them out loud. <Click Here To Learn More About LyriQ>

3. Smart Reader HDTop Text-to-Speech Aids - 2021 Technology Top Choices

Smart Reader HD is unique because it has an 8 hour battery, large intuitive tactile buttons, consistent prime voice quality, and it is only 4 pounds, so it is an extremely portable text-to-speech reading aid. The design is sleek and comfortable, making transporting and using very easy. Smart Reader HD enables individuals with low vision to retain the joys of reading by listening along or if preferred users can also view words using an attached monitor. The Smart Reader HD is perfect for work, home, school and on the go. <Click Here To Learn More About Smart Reader>

4. ClearReader+

Top Text-to-Speech Aids - 2021 Technology Top Choices

ClearReader+ unique design is having very few buttons making it very easy to use. At only 5.4 pounds, it is very lightweight, portable and it has a built-in 5-hour battery, so users are able to rediscover the joy of reading anytime and anywhere. Within a few seconds, the ClearReader+ scans most any printed document, newspaper, magazine article, etc. and then speaks it using natural sounding voices. For almost 10 years, the ClearReader+ has been a “tried and true” solution due to its portability, simplicity and sleek design for easy text-to-speech/OCR reading. <Click Here To Learn More About ClearReader+>

5. Patriot Voice EZTop Text-to-Speech Aids - 2021 Technology Top Choices

The Patriot Voice EZ is “Easy”. The Key Feature is ‘Automatic Scan’. This means that users simply drop their document down, and the Patriot Voice EZ Automatically scans the document and reads it back, without the user touching any buttons or controls. This automatic scan benefit is makes the technology extremely easy to use. The Patriot Voice EZ represents a breakthrough in accessible design, with a simple 3-knob control panel and advanced optical character recognition to bring the printed word to life for those with low vision or total blindness or for times when a non-visual alternative to magnification is preferred! <Click Here To Learn More About Patriot Voice EZ>

6. MagniLink Voice 2

Top Text-to-Speech Aids - 2021 Technology Top Choices

The MagniLink Voice 2 Basic-Use is extremely easy; just push the orange button and convert the text into speech! The design and function of the MagniLink Voice 2 are in harmony. Premium materials, details and finish ensure that the unit is as stable as it is durable; and when placed at home or office, it looks great in any environment. For Mobility, it is robust, yet extremely compact, and utilizing the built-in 5 hour battery, it is designed for traveling and moving around. Other benefits include easy set up by moving the camera arm up and start. It is adaptable, users can adjust reading speed, volume, audio profiles, voices and lighting. It reads misaligned documents, and full A4 /US Letter pages. Its automatic language detection is very nice, and it has extremely good depth of field which is very helpful for reading large books. Digital documents on USB can also be read aloud. Voice feedback for all functions help users more easily learn functionality. The MagniLink Voice 2 is a reading machine with a focus on simplicity, high performance, and contemporary design. It’s the user-friendly reading machine that exceeds expectations. <Click Here To Learn More About MagniLink Voice 2>

7. Sara CETop Text-to-Speech Aids - 2021 Technology Top Choices

The Sara CE is unique because along with automatic scan, (allowing users to simply drop their document down on the large tactile platen for the Sara CE to automatically scan the document and read it back without the user touching any buttons or controls), the Sara CE is the only text-to-speech aid that provides alpha-numeric word spelling. Most text-to-speech aids can read one-word at a time, but the Sara CE goes one step further with Alpha-Numeric spelling. Alpha-Numeric spelling is a critical feature for users needing to know exactly what word is being read to them. For example, the word ’their’, was it spelled ’their’ or ’there’? With Alpha-Numeric spelling users will hear, ’tango’, ‘harry’, ‘echo’, ‘indigo’, ‘robert’; confirming that the word is ’their’. A built-in keypad with brightly-colored tactile keys is very helpful for operational use. Users can also save files to hard drive or USB thumb drive. Users can connect to Braille display and read audiobooks including DAISY format 160GB hard drive for onboard storage. The Sara CE also comes with a classic literature starter library of over 200 books. <Click Here To Learn More About Sara CE>

8. omniReader

Top Text-to-Speech Aids - 2021 Technology Top Choices

The uniqueness of the omniReader is that it is designed with a built-in monitor imbedded into the frame. It is a battery operated text-to-speech aid which does not have gooseneck-arm scanner, making it the easiest to use in ones lap. The omniReader‘s advanced ‘in-the-housing’ camera technology, provides users the ability to scan and read printed text by pressing a single button. Users can follow the magnified text in high-contrast colors on the built-in screen, or simply listen as the omniReader reads text out loud. Users can also use the screen to instantly magnify objects and text and display them in high-contrast colors to see them more clearly. Thanks to its lightweight design, built-in handle, and long battery life, users can pick it up and use it wherever they want – at home, at the office, and even on-the-go. <Click Here To Learn More About OmniReader>


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