Have you been having a difficult time learning how to use a HumanWare product?  The HumanWare Buddy App is the perfect tool to learn, teach and interact with HumanWare’s products.

Designed to assist teachers, students, and professionals, the HumanWare Buddy App is the tool you need to have a successful and enjoyable experience with HumanWare’s products thanks to its easy-to-read step-by-step guides.

The HumanWare Buddy App has something to offer to all its users from TVIs and teachers to parents. It includes comprehensive training and resource materials that can often be difficult to locate in one simple portal.

With the HumanWare Buddy App by your side, you can reach your goals and accomplish tasks you thought were beyond your grasp.

The HumanWare Buddy App is divided into 6 key sections:

HumanWare Buddy App News Tech Tips Technology  How-to Guides
  • Become proficient in using HumanWare’s products with easy-to-read step-by-step guides.
  • Accomplish any task by searching for keywords relevant to your goals.
  • Add guides to your favorites.
  • Build up your knowledge and set guides as completed when you are done reading them.


HumanWare Buddy App News Tech Tips Technology  Add to Favorites

  • Add and remove guides to your favorites so you can easily revisit them if you need to.
  • Keep your favourite guides together until you have fully learned the task at hand.

HumanWare Buddy App News Tech Tips Technology



Use the search field and type in the keywords you need to find. The HumanWare Buddy App will give you all the possible guides that relate to your task.


HumanWare Buddy App News Tech Tips Technology  Support

HumanWare is a few clicks away. If you need to contact support or sales, simply click on the relevant option (phone or email) and you’ll soon be chatting with us.


HumanWare Buddy App News Tech Tips Technology  Videos

Check out the HumanWare video library and follow along with some useful how-to videos.


HumanWare Buddy App News Tech Tips Technology  News

Stay up-to-date with our latest news and learn more about our product launches and updates, our partnerships and events.


HumanWare Buddy App is now available in the App Store and available soon in the Google Store!

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