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NuEyes‘ VR magnifying device now comes pre-installed with the Xfinity Stream app.
Comcast has teamed up with wearable tech startup NuEyes to help people with low vision see more of the TV shows and movies they enjoy. Under the partnership, the company’s Xfinity Stream app, which gives users access to live TV and On Demand content, will be pre-installed onto NuEyes e2 smartglasses and VR magnifying device.

The electronic magnifier comes with 3K LCD screens and enhances the usable vision of people with conditions like low vision macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa. It allows visually impaired users to customize its magnification and contrast, depending on what they need to be able to read, watch movies or even just to see their loved ones’ faces. It also has OCR or text-to-speech capability that users can activate if their eyes get too tired and want the device to, say, continue reading a book to them.

Giving NuEyes users access to the Xfinity Stream app means they might be able to start watching TV and movies again in case they haven’t been able to recently, because their vision has gotten so bad. Company founder Mark Greget said “to be able to stream content directly to our consumers’ eyes in a way that has never been done before enables millions of visually impaired people to continue enjoying their TV experience and more.”

Source: Comcast

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