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Some of our experts have said wearable technology is the future to help those with vision loss live an active lifestyle.  Our wearable options make it possible for those with low vision to see and take part in everyday tasks, such as watching TV and being able to see a loved ones face.

NuEyes e2 Wearable Electronic MagnifierLow Vision Glasses / Wearable Low Vision Technology Macular Degeneration Technology Top Choices

The NuEyes e2 Wearable Electronic Magnifier includes live TV and movie streaming, encompasses a light evenly distributed weight magnifier with a 101-degree field of view.  Our three easy control buttons give simple access to magnification, contrast and OCR/Text to Speech.  The NuEyes e2 product line delivers unparalleled clarity with a 3K display (1440 x 1600 screen resolution at 90hz refresh rate), HD camera and QUALCOMM 835 snapdragon processor. Utilizing the latest in augmented and virtual reality devices, NuEyes proprietary software helps the consumer get the most out of their usable vision. <Click Here To Learn More About NuEyes e2>

NuEyes low vision glasses are the newest head-mounted, hands-free wearable technology that gives low vision users CCTV and text-to speech capabilities in an easy-to-use headset about the size of a pair of sunglasses. NuEyes featuring ODG smartglasses magnify (up to 12x) and display enhanced versions of anything that you look at.  NuEyes low vision glasses gives you all the video magnification you need built into a comfortable headset and without bulky control pack. <Click Here To Learn More About NuEyes>

Jordy – Wearable MagnifierLow Vision Glasses / Wearable Low Vision Technology Macular Degeneration Technology Top Choices

Jordy is a hands free distance and close focus wearable magnifier in the form of low vision glasses. Some have called Jordy “Macular Degeneration Glasses”. Jordy low vision glasses are a battery-operated wearable magnifier with a pantoscopic tilt. Jordy glasses can also be used as two low vision systems in one. Jordy can be worn like a pair of glasses to see near, far, & everything in between or mounted to the optional docking stand turning the Jordy into a Desktop video magnifier. <Click Here To Learn More About Jordy>

Patriot ViewPoint GlassesLow Vision Glasses / Wearable Low Vision Technology Macular Degeneration Technology Top Choices

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration or Stargardts? If so, then the Patriot ViewPoint, the latest wearable low-vision glasses showcasing a spectacular 101-degree viewable field, is the product you have always been waiting for. You must try this product!

The wide-screen 96 degree viewable field is the largest on the market, and it makes all the difference having a super-sharp wide display bringing close to you nearly everything that is displayed at a distance.  You can also read up close, plus see people’s faces, watch TV, read the newspaper, the possibilities are endless. <Click Here To Learn More About Patriot ViewPoint>

IrisVision Low Vision Wearable GlassesLow Vision Glasses / Wearable Low Vision Technology Macular Degeneration Technology Top Choices

IrisVision low vision wearable glasses is an easy-to-use but powerful combination of hardware and software that helps people with low vision see again. With IrisVision, not only can patients see family and friends again, they can watch a movie, read a book, even resume hobbies or work they may have set aside.

IrisVision is designed to address a variety of low vision conditions, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, and glaucoma. It is a FDA-registered Class I medical device with capabilities well beyond those available from assisted vision magnification products. <Click Here To Learn More About IrisVision Low Vision Wearable Glasses>

eSight Low Vision Wearable Glasses Low Vision Glasses / Wearable Low Vision Technology Macular Degeneration Technology Top Choices

eSight 3 is advanced assistive eyewear technology that enables people with central vision loss to see and live independently. Using a cutting edge camera, smart algorithms and high-resolution screens, eSight 3 creates a crystal clear, real-time image of what is in front of you.  eSight 3 is your window into the world. Using a cutting edge camera, it puts video directly in front of your eyes allowing you to see what is in front of you, near or far, in real-time.  eSight 3 combines bright, clear screens with a high-tech camera to let you see text up close or detail in the distance. You can switch between the two almost instantly. The visor flips up easily, for face-to-face interaction. eSight 3 is light, and its battery provides around 2 hours of regular use. An optional battery pack extends battery life to approximately 4 hours. eSight 3 is also compatible with most conventional portable chargers. <Click Here To Learn More About eSight Low Vision Wearable Glasses>

Eyedaptic EYE2 AR Low Vision GlassesLow Vision Glasses / Wearable Low Vision Technology Macular Degeneration Technology Top Choices

Introducing The Eyedaptic EYE2, a state-of-the-art, self-contained Augmented Reality Eye Wear. EYE2 has a 45-degree field of view with proprietary embedded software to provide a hands-free viewing experience.  The EYE2 simulates natural vision to help those with retina-related vision loss lead fuller, productive lives.

Equipped with patent-pending simulated natural vision software, the Eyedaptic EYE2 solution optimizes the user’s functional peripheral vision. It does this through a small embedded camera that captures the surroundings, manipulates and enhances the pixels and re-displays the image. <Click Here To Learn More About EYE2 AR Low Vision Glasses>


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