Prodigi Connect

So Lightweight & Thin… So CoolProdigi Connect 12 With Distance Viewing Technology

We are thrilled to re-introduce Prodigi Connect 12, one of the most powerful digital magnifiers on the market – with desktop and distance viewing.

It is a wonderful solution for low vision students or anyone suffering from low vision who is looking to enlarge print and images, using an Android tablet.  The Distance Viewing camera allows user to view documents or classwork from their desk.

Prodigi Connect 12 is extremely portable and lightweight (under 2 pounds.) It’s equipped with diamond edge technology which will keep the letters crisp and precise even when you maximize the size of the image.  The Prodigi software is built into/on a Samsung Tablet, is Google Approved and allows access to all applications and Google settings.

The long lasting battery (up to 12 hours) ensures that low vision students and all users can go a full day without worrying.  For added wow, view on a huge CCTV!  In the Prodigi “Live Mode” a student can write under the tablet just like they would with a CCTV.

This product includes:Prodigi Connect 12 With Distance Viewing Technology

  • Foldable stand and tablet, installed and pre-assembled
  • Ready to use apps: Dropbox, Google suite, and more!
  • USB cable and international switching power charger
  • Compatible with Bluetooth keyboard (included)
  • Laptop style carrying case with various pouches and shoulder strap


  • Powerful, wireless camera – up to 40x magnification in full HD with integrated capture function
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Stand keeps tablet secure
  • Tablet can be customized for each user. (Prodigi and Google)
  • Multicapture: Capture a book or any multipage document, and then read it from first to last page
  • Protective carrying case
  • 2-inch full HD touchscreen with direct access to object or document being viewed
  • Camera rests in a secure, movable arm with a strong clamp
  • In the Prodigi “Live Mode” a student can write under the tablet just like they would with a CCTV.
  • Open Android platform provides access to 1,500,000 apps and native synchronization with Google world
  • Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, Chrome (all preinstalled)
  • Smartboard connectivity (Promethean, TeamViewer, VNC)
  • Bookshare, BARD, Pyxyma, and many other content providers
  • Available in the following languages: English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish