What’s New? KeyMaps:

KeyMaps is a new application we have designed in partnership with Sendero, based on the existing Sendero add-on which you could purchase for the Apex.  In KeySoft 9.4.1 you will find the following changes:

  • KeyMaps is a freely included virtual only navigation tool found on the main menu for all users of KeySoft 9.4.1. Just like a sighted person can use their phone to type in an address and look around the neighborhood before they arrive at a location, so too can a blind user virtually walk around a location before arriving.
  • You can simply download maps directly to the Apex using their internet connection.  No need to use a PC or extra SD card anymore.
  • You can register one country’s map freely with KeySoft 9.4.1 and this is done on the device only.  Any extra countries you would like to purchase can be bought through the CSR team using the existing method.
  • If you have already purchased a full GPS package in the past, KeyMaps will honor their existing software on the Apex and does not take away the full GPS capabilities.
  • General uses of KeyMaps:

You are heading to a hotel next week and want to get a general layout of the area prior to arriving.  You can simply enter the address and virtually walk around the various streets.

  1. You want to learn what points of interest, (Restaurants, cafes, shopping), are around the hotel prior to arriving.
  2. You want to learn a route ahead of time, from the hotel to a restaurant you want to visit. You can even save the directions to a text file for later use.
  3. You want the phone number to make a reservation for that restaurant when you arrive.

Upgrading To Full GPS 2014:

If you like what you see in the KeyMaps application and want to actually take the Apex outdoors with you to have it guide you along routes etc, you can upgrade to the full GPS package.

  • For users of KeySoft 9.4.1, upgrading to the full GPS 2014 = $599.  This is almost $600 off the original full GPS price.
  • The upgrade process is the same as today.
  • Users will receive a GPS receiver, Receiver case, AC adaptor for the receiver, and the license code to activate the full GPS features.  No SD card is included anymore as the maps can be downloaded directly to the device.


If clients have questions about how to use KeyMaps, the documentation is available in the application itself by navigating to the GPS options menu and choosing Information Center.  The standard KeySoft help system is also available in KeyMaps.


Lastly you can go to the audio tutorials Sendero has done here:



Visual display on a Smartphone or Tablet:


KeySoft 9.4.1 uses a standard method to send the Apex’s visual display over its wireless or wired internet connection.  What this means is that if a teacher is sitting in the classroom with their iPad, they need only to download a specific app for the tablet and they can view the Apex’s visual display on their device, rather than needing to carry a monitor from class to class.


The process is as follows to set this up:

  1.  Activate the visual display on the Apex by navigating to the options menu and pressing V for visual options.
  2. Press W to activate the new wireless setting and press enter.
  3. Select your wired or wireless network and press enter.
  4. Apex will tell you that it is transmitting its visual display using IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX.  Make note of this IP address.
  5. Download any of the below apps for your tablet or smart phone.
    1. VNC Viewer (Free on the iOS App Store).
    2. Remotix VNC & RDP ($20 on the iOS App Store, but allows a much easier connection process).
    3. Android VNC (Free on the GooglePlay App Store).
    4. Once you have downloaded any of these apps, simply type in the IP address which you had made note of from the Apex and tap the connect button on your phone or tablet.

You will now be able to see the visual display of the Apex on your tablet or Smartphone.


Bug fixes:


There is a significant bug fix in this version which greatly improves the Apex’s stability when you first turn it on.  In the past there were occasions where the unit would appear to be locked up when it was first switched on, causing you to think you needed to reset.  Where in reality, the boot up sequence was delayed by about 20-25 seconds.

This version improves the boot up process when you switch the unit on; decreasing the number of resets necessary.  It is absolutely recommended that all customers upgrade to this version as it is a free update and will greatly improve your experience with the device.

If you have any questions please contact us at New England Low Vision and Blindness