It looks like these messages are kind of becoming a regular thing.  I hope I am sharing some useful information.  Please don’t count on me writing with any regularity.  I don’t work or play well under pressure.

There is a new upgrade for your I devices.  I have been told there are a lot of wonderful new features for people who are using the low vision accessibility.  My favorite new feature is that those of us who are using Voice Over now are able to choose from several voices.  I have selected the British higher quality voice.  This voice takes up a little more memory but my phone now sounds like a British spy.

Neal, my husband, and I are planning a trip to Austria in May and I am the official trip planner.  I thought I would talk a little about a couple of very accessible trip planning tools.

I find everything on the Rick Steve’s Web site to be very accessible and useful.   He covers everything from packing wisely to contact information for hotels, restaurants, and all the interesting things to see.  The site also has travel forums that are very amazing.  I have met some great people through these forums and received amazing advice and travel hints.

My next stop is to my two favorite book sites. and I searched for everything mentioning Austria, Vienna, and Salzburg.  I now have quite a collection of reading material.

Next I like to try to learn a little of the language spoken where I am going to visit. My language course of choice is Pimsleur.  This can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at

Don’t by this in a store but purchase it on line.  These lessons can be saved as MP3 files and loaded on your Victor Reader Stream memory card. Now you can keep your language lessons and your books on the same memory card and read them with the same device. If you download a book From Book Share in text format you can go on line and look up things in the book to get more information about the place or person you are reading about.  You can do this directly from Wikipedia. Please remember you can order your Victor Stream from New England Low Vision and Blindness.