142 Useful Voice Commands for Siri

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    Refresh your memory of what Siri can do for you on your iPhone, iPad and HomePod with this list of useful commands.

    Do you use Siri to its full potential? Perhaps it’s time to refresh your memory with this list of useful things you can ask it to do for you.

    Control your devices

    Siri will help you control all kinds of settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can ask Siri to:

    • Turn Wi-Fi on/off
    • Turn Bluetooth on and off
    • Switch to Airplane Mode (you’ll need to disable it again manually)
    • Brighten and darken the display
    • Raise and lower the volume
    • Turn on Low Power Mode
    • Open Settings
    • Take a Pano shot
    • Open [name of app]
    • Open [name of site] website
    • Set a timer for [state time]
    • Set an alarm
    • Flip a coin, roll a dice
    • How much free space do I have? (A Mac-only question)

    Timey wimey stuff

    • What time is it in [name a place]?
    • When is sunset tonight?
    • When is it sunrise in Tokyo?
    • What’s the weather in Tokyo?
    • What’s the weather in Tokyo this weekend?
    • Will I need an umbrella today?
    • What’s the weather going to be like today?
    • What will the weather be like this weekend?
    • How hot will it be next week?
    • What was the score in the Arsenal game?
    • When is the next Arsenal match?
    • What’s [Apple] stock trading at today?

    Continued…. To read the rest of this article, you can visit this link – https://www.computerworld.com/article/3261408/apple-mac/hey-siri-142-useful-voice-commands-for-siri.html.  This article was written and published by Jonny Evans, Computerworld, APPLE HOLIC, March 8, 2018.

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